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studyingpresent participle of stud·y (Verb-ACTION!!)

Study:  1. To devote time and attention on a subject to gain knowledge.

2. Investigate (think like a scientist!) and analyze the information.



Remember that studying doesn’t mean hours and hours looking over study guides and notes.

If you take 10 minutes each night to reflect on what you learned that day in class, it will help your brain soak up knowledge!

How do you reflect?

  • Share what you learned with someone! Try to think of all the details and make connections. Remember that when you connect your schema (personal experiences) to what you learned, the information will stick to your brain!
  • Write down your reflection. Writing helps our brain retain information. Don’t worry about spelling;  just start writing!
  • Record your thoughts! Ask your parents for a voice recorder. (If your parents have a smart phone, they probably have a voice recorder!) Use a voice recorder to record your reflection. You’ll be amazed on how much you remember.




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