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Happy Monday!

Hello Third Grade Community,

Thank you so much to those who continue to check out the blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve made an up to date post on here, so we’re past due for a proper update! 🙂

This week in Reading:

We’re on week 5 in Reading Street, which means students will take their unit test next week. As you should have seen on the Family Times, we have been working on a lot of reading strategies:

Author’s purpose, text features, generalizations (a new one!), inferring, and so on. This week, we are working on cause and effect.  I gave students a silly example that they no longer can state “dunno” when I asked them questions such as, “Why didn’t you do your homework? ” The not completing homework is the effect of a situation.  A lot of times a student will answer, “dunno.” Being a great reader and a smart third grader means understanding the world around you. We should be able to find the cause of a result.

  • I didn’t do my homework (effect) because I misplaced it (cause).
  • Suzy went to bed late (cause) so she was tired the next day (effect).
  • There was lots of litter on the ground (cause). Therefore, Mrs. Best’s class picked it up off the ground (effect).

Please make sure students are reading nightly and completing homework. Also, please check your child’s folder for graded material. I find students recycling their work and they have been told all work goes home once checked. This way, you are aware of the progress your child is making and can see mistakes, comments, and corrections that are being made in class.


We are continuing to work on division. Today we took a quiz. From these results, I will be able to determine what skills need to be retaught. Students have been learning numerous methods on how to solve a division problem.  Feel free to break out the coin jar, get some marbles, or other tangible items that students can divide up into groups.

Science/Social Studies:

In Science, we will begin talking about the three types of matter and exploring the changes in matter.

Social Studies:

We will continue learning about communities and how communities change over time, especially the changes we see and have seen in Cincinnati. I also want to tie in how the industrial revolution played a key role in making changes over time. This will help prepare us for our upcoming field trip on March 23rd.

Bonnie’s Plants Challenge:

Our third graders are so fortunate to have the opportunity to care for a living cabbage plant! Today, students received their very own cabbage plant with a flyer on how to carefully care for the plant. Students were told how important it is to take care of a living thing. In addition to raising some yummy cabbage (great for slaw or sauerkraut), Bonnie’s Cabbage Plants will give a student a chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship! It’s not too early to start planning for college! It’s simple! Just take care of the plant, and at harvest time, weigh your plant with the picture and send me a copy of the picture, along with your child holding the plant (Yes, your kiddo will be in 4th grade when it’s time to harvest:). All of the directions are on the flyer that went home. I recommend hanging this on the fridge or in an area that can be easily referenced.

That’s it for now! Make it a great night!

~Mrs. Best



And They’re Off!

Today is the opening day of the Iditarod race! Here’s hoping an enjoyable and safe race to all of the mushers and Huskies! 

Happy 100th day of school!



Students celebrate another spelling achievement:)


Happy New Year!

Dear Third Grade Community,

Happy 2016! Time goes by so quickly. I sure hope you had a restful fun-filled vacation (while reading some great books).

This week, we are back to our “normal” routine. We will begin week 5 in unit 2 in Reading Street. Students will be expected identify the main idea of a text while reading a nonfiction passage entitled, “Amazing Bird Nests.” Students will receive spelling words as well.

In math, we will continue to work on multiplication and will also be working on geometry.

In Social Studies, we will continue investigating maps and Science, energy is the topic.

On Wednesday, specials will resume for 8 days.

Please, kiddos, make sure you go to bed at a time that gives you the most rest. I know it may be challenging waking up so very early since we have been off, but we’re back at it full swing this week and I want to make sure you are ready to learn new things! 🙂

See you soon!

Mrs. Best


Our Work Being Published!

Dear Third Grade Community,

I am excited to share with you that your child has been working hard creating a personal narrative around the topic of Thanksgiving. Students have reflected on the things in their life they’re thankful for.

I am going to have our work PUBLISHED in a book. You have the opportunity to purchase a hard back cover of this book and cherish for years to come. Not only will the book feature your child’s writing and illustration, but their classmates as well. What a great way to remember their third grade year!

If I receive ALL order forms back (you do not have to purchase one, but please sign it and return even if you do not want to purchase a book) then the company will send our class a free book.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Best

Meeting Chris Van Allsburg

It was thrilling to meet one of my favorite authors and my students’ as well! Check out his message to the Best class!