Students celebrate another spelling achievement:)


Happy New Year!

Dear Third Grade Community,

Happy 2016! Time goes by so quickly. I sure hope you had a restful fun-filled vacation (while reading some great books).

This week, we are back to our “normal” routine. We will begin week 5 in unit 2 in Reading Street. Students will be expected identify the main idea of a text while reading a nonfiction passage entitled, “Amazing Bird Nests.” Students will receive spelling words as well.

In math, we will continue to work on multiplication and will also be working on geometry.

In Social Studies, we will continue investigating maps and Science, energy is the topic.

On Wednesday, specials will resume for 8 days.

Please, kiddos, make sure you go to bed at a time that gives you the most rest. I know it may be challenging waking up so very early since we have been off, but we’re back at it full swing this week and I want to make sure you are ready to learn new things! 🙂

See you soon!

Mrs. Best


Our Work Being Published!

Dear Third Grade Community,

I am excited to share with you that your child has been working hard creating a personal narrative around the topic of Thanksgiving. Students have reflected on the things in their life they’re thankful for.

I am going to have our work PUBLISHED in a book. You have the opportunity to purchase a hard back cover of this book and cherish for years to come. Not only will the book feature your child’s writing and illustration, but their classmates as well. What a great way to remember their third grade year!

If I receive ALL order forms back (you do not have to purchase one, but please sign it and return even if you do not want to purchase a book) then the company will send our class a free book.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Best

Meeting Chris Van Allsburg

It was thrilling to meet one of my favorite authors and my students’ as well! Check out his message to the Best class!


Each student in the Best class reflected in their strengths and things they need to improve. We created  Specific Measurable Attainable Reasonable Time sensitive goal. Goals range from students wanting to improve fluency, comprehension, math facts, number of books to read, and less write-ins. Each student will track their progress! 


October 19th-23rd at a Glance

Good Evening Third Grade Community,

Fall is definitely here. I love this time of year, especially seeing the great learning happening in the Best class:)


This week, we will continue to focus on main idea and details. I am excited for students to read a nonfiction text entitled, “Penguin Chick.” Last week, students participated in another “chalk talk” activity where I get to visibly see what students know about penguins and some misconceptions they have. I am thrilled to explore cool facts about this fascinating bird and answer the many questions students may have.

We’re back to a normal week, with the exception of a few days left in specials. Students will have a spelling test, Family Times, and math homework as well. I am seeing a correlation between students who complete homework, read in class and at night with fluency growth and comprehension growth. Please continue to read nightly.


We will continue working on multiplication. Over the next couple of weeks, we will focus on fact fluency, while still building foundational skills around grouping, such as, “What is multiplication? Why do we multiply? How many different ways can you solve this problem?”


We began an exciting unit in plants. Students will explore the life cycle of plants and conduct experiments.

Please don’t forget the Scholastic challenge. Orders are due by October 30th. Our students are hoping we reach our goal so we can order a lot more books! 🙂


Don’t forget to sign up for conferences. Have a wonderful night!

Mrs. Best