Picture day and Scholastic Orders

Picture day is tomorrow (Wednesday).

Scholastic orders are due by September 22nd.  If you are able to purchase some good books, please do so and our class will earn points that goes towards books for our classroom! 🙂


2017-2018 is Well Underway!

Hello Third Grade Community!

I’m excited to begin week 4 with you! Please hit the “sign up” button so you can receive automatic email notifications each time I update the blog.

Week at a Glance for September 18th:

Literacy: Students have been learning about thinking strategies:

  • Metacognition: Thinking about your thinking. This is the ability to reflect on your thoughts and have an awareness of questions, wonderings, feelings, and also communicating thoughts with others.
  • Schema: Background knowledge. Students can comprehend stories and text deeper when they can make a connection. There are three types of connections: Text-to-self (this is when a text reminds you of something in your life!); text-to-text (A text can remind you of another text you’ve read, a song, or even a movie); and text-to-world (many times a text will remind us of our world around us).

This week, we will tackle another comprehension strategy: Inferring! 🙂

  • Inferring: Making smart guesses using evidence and our background knowledge (schema). It’s like being a detective! You must solve a problem connecting evidence and using your background knowledge.

In literacy, we are describing characters and explaining how character actions affect the sequence of events in a story.

In writing, students are learning that writing can be fun! We have had many conversations on types of writing, topics, and how to be a successful writer during our independent free writing time. Students are enjoying the freedom of choosing their own topic during writing.  Later, students will be able to choose their own writing piece to take through the whole writing process from drafting to publishing.


We are continuing to work on strategies to strengthen addition and subtraction skills through the thousands.  Please make sure your child practices XtraMath daily in order to ensure fact mastery.


  • Scientific Method
  • Plants

Social Studies

  • Map skills

Let’s have a great week and please know your child is cared about! 🙂

Mrs. Best


Thanks for a Great Memories!

Dear Third Grade Community,

Another year has come and gone and it is so bittersweet. The kiddos in the Best class are top notch and I have enjoyed my time with them this year. They have worked hard and surpassed many high goals that, together, we set and I couldn’t be more proud.

In their bookbags you will find a summer work packet to keep them fresh with key concepts.

Also, each student went home with a picture. Earlier this week, each student reflected on positive character traits that every classmate exhibits. Then, I chose a few of those character traits and wrote them on the board (they weren’t allowed to peek;) and snapped a picture. This is to remind them of how special they are and to keep those positive traits “in hand” during tough days.

It’s my highest honor to call each and every one my students and I hope you have the best summer yet!

With Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Best

Final Countdown!

Third Grade Community,

As our last classroom incentive, I will be providing chili dogs tomorrow for my class, so no need to bring lunch tomorrow!

Tuesday is field day. Though it’s our last week, we have a busy week ahead!

Thank you for a wonderful year. I am so proud of the kiddos in the BEST class. We’ve had a great year and I am looking forward to a super fun week this week. Have a wonderful evening.

Mrs. Best

Week at a Glance

Science Matters!…And We’re Off!

It’s hard to believe we’ve started the spring into 4th quarter. This is the time of year where we not only continue learning, but we show off what we know! This week, students will be showing their learning on Wednesday in reading and Thursday in math. Here’s what’s to look for:


We will begin week 2 in unit 4 of Reading Street. We are exploring nonfiction and what it means to be unique. Last week, we learned about James Naismith, the man who invented basketball and did so much more! He was a great example of a unique person. This week, we will learn about nature’s record holders and how they’re unique.


FRACTIONS ARE HERE! We are learning about all things fractions! Look for the parent letter to come home.

Science: MATTER! Matter is ALL around us; living and nonliving. Click on the “Science Matter’s” link above to check out Bill Nye’s video for some info. on matter!




Let’s make it a great week!

Mrs. Best

Happy Easter and Splendid Break!

Dear Third Grade Community;

Another quarter has come and gone, and as we gear up to enjoy a wonderful Easter and spring break, I wanted to keep you informed of a very busy last quarter.

Firstly, unit tests went home today. Please go over the test with your child.

I want students to have time to relax and enjoy their time. However, it is VITAL that students continue to read every single night. It know it’s break, but testing begins right after break. So, please make sure this happens.

Also, students were asked to practice multiplication facts and fluency. If all work comes back completed, they have an opportunity to earn 3 Husky Paws.

Please help your child to be honest.  Some students are turning in logs that are filled out by parents (which students are expected to do). Your only task is to ensure they’re reading, ask questions, and sign the log. 🙂 Also, students are stating they’re reading 60 minutes in one day. Although this is possible, it’s not probable. Surprisingly, some third graders are admitting to just writing down books and admitting they’re not reading. This does nothing but stump their growth.  I would rather a child not turn in homework  than be dishonest.

I am seeing such great improvements in students who are reading on a daily basis. I am also seeing minimal progress with students who are not taking extra time to practice each night.

Thank you for your help in making sure your child is reading and completing all homework.

The following is a schedule of upcoming tests in this last quarter we’re approaching:

April 13-MAP Reading

April 14-MAP Math

April 21-AIR Reading (State Test)

April 22-AIR reading (State Test)

May 3- AIR math (State Test)

May 4-AIR math (State Test)

In the middle of May, we will also be testing for DIBELS. Please make sure your child is at school on time for these days and avoid Dr. appts. if possible.

Please be mindful of the “Third Grade Guarantee” law and that these tests will determine if your child can advance to the next grade. If students have already met the benchmark, they are expected to show tremendous growth. We do not want students to be nervous, and they shouldn’t be, as long as they are working hard in class, reading, and completing homework for extra practice.

Have a wonderful spring break! This year is flying!

Mrs. Best

Happy Monday!

Hello Third Grade Community,

Thank you so much to those who continue to check out the blog. It’s been awhile since I’ve made an up to date post on here, so we’re past due for a proper update! 🙂

This week in Reading:

We’re on week 5 in Reading Street, which means students will take their unit test next week. As you should have seen on the Family Times, we have been working on a lot of reading strategies:

Author’s purpose, text features, generalizations (a new one!), inferring, and so on. This week, we are working on cause and effect.  I gave students a silly example that they no longer can state “dunno” when I asked them questions such as, “Why didn’t you do your homework? ” The not completing homework is the effect of a situation.  A lot of times a student will answer, “dunno.” Being a great reader and a smart third grader means understanding the world around you. We should be able to find the cause of a result.

  • I didn’t do my homework (effect) because I misplaced it (cause).
  • Suzy went to bed late (cause) so she was tired the next day (effect).
  • There was lots of litter on the ground (cause). Therefore, Mrs. Best’s class picked it up off the ground (effect).

Please make sure students are reading nightly and completing homework. Also, please check your child’s folder for graded material. I find students recycling their work and they have been told all work goes home once checked. This way, you are aware of the progress your child is making and can see mistakes, comments, and corrections that are being made in class.


We are continuing to work on division. Today we took a quiz. From these results, I will be able to determine what skills need to be retaught. Students have been learning numerous methods on how to solve a division problem.  Feel free to break out the coin jar, get some marbles, or other tangible items that students can divide up into groups.

Science/Social Studies:

In Science, we will begin talking about the three types of matter and exploring the changes in matter.

Social Studies:

We will continue learning about communities and how communities change over time, especially the changes we see and have seen in Cincinnati. I also want to tie in how the industrial revolution played a key role in making changes over time. This will help prepare us for our upcoming field trip on March 23rd.

Bonnie’s Plants Challenge:

Our third graders are so fortunate to have the opportunity to care for a living cabbage plant! Today, students received their very own cabbage plant with a flyer on how to carefully care for the plant. Students were told how important it is to take care of a living thing. In addition to raising some yummy cabbage (great for slaw or sauerkraut), Bonnie’s Cabbage Plants will give a student a chance to win a $1,000 college scholarship! It’s not too early to start planning for college! It’s simple! Just take care of the plant, and at harvest time, weigh your plant with the picture and send me a copy of the picture, along with your child holding the plant (Yes, your kiddo will be in 4th grade when it’s time to harvest:). All of the directions are on the flyer that went home. I recommend hanging this on the fridge or in an area that can be easily referenced.

That’s it for now! Make it a great night!

~Mrs. Best