I do believe in the importance of practicing skills at home. However, I also believe homework shouldn’t cause tears for the child or the parent:)

Reading is significant. Because of my commitment to make sure homework isn’t overwhelming, I need your commitment to make sure your child is reading every night for at least 20 minutes.

Homework will consist of spelling, math, and a reading log. Students will not receive a “Family Times” homework packet this year as to ensure your child is spending time reading.

Reading Log

I cannot stress enough about the importance of reading on a nightly basis. All students are expected to read at least 100 minutes per week, which is why reading logs will go home on a Friday and due the following Friday. This gives students 7 days to complete the 100 minutes. So, students can choose to read Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for 20 minutes. Then, Monday-Thursday night. Reading logs are always due on a Friday, unless I specify differently in the planner.




Please make sure your child is reading at least 100 minutes weekly, filling out the reading log AND the graphic organizer on the back of the reading log. This ensures accountability and helps your child comprehend what he/she is reading. Thank you for helping me making sure your child is successful:)




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