Extra Practice

Homework Policy:
It’s the third grade expectation that students complete quality work and turn in assignments by the due date fully completed. Students who fail to complete homework will receive the natural consequence for that, such as completing the homework during recess. Obviously, we’re human and make mistakes; sometimes we just forget. If your child forgets 1 or 2 assignments, then I will offer a “grace period” of one day. If the homework is not turned in the next day, then the homework must be completed at recess.
Please look for write-ins in your child’s planner for missing homework.

Typical homework consists of the following:
Math homework almost nightly
Family Times due Thursdays
Reading Log due Fridays

First Math Homework Assignment Due Thursday, Sept. 13th. P3 and P3. Please look in your child’s blue folder for this homework. Also, please make sure students are ready for their first spelling test this Friday. Please sign your child’s planner daily:)


Please make sure your child is reading at least 100 minutes weekly, filling out the green reading log AND the graphic organizer on the back of the reading log. This ensures accountability and helps your child comprehend what he/she is reading. Thank you for helping me making sure your child is successful:)


9/14/2011: Place Value Worksheet, two-sided. Students will need to count the 1,000 frames, 10 frames and unit frames  and write the numeric number.

At the bottom of the first page, students will need to add numbers together and write the standard form.

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