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    Christmas BreakDecember 21st, 2018
    Have a wonderful break! See you next year! ;)
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Third Grade Community,

We are excited about the start of a new year, and to it, we add new expectations, new goals, and a new excitement for what’s to come. Here’s our week at a glance (and beyond):


Making Meaning (Comprehension): In this unit, we are continuing to focus on Asking Questions and Wondering. However, we will be practicing these important skills with nonfiction text.  This week, we are reading biographies. I asked each student to also choose a biography to read during their independent reading time.  I have a ton of biographies so I am confident each student chose a book that fits their reading level.

NEW EXPECTATION: Students will now be expected to complete a book project each month.  Students will be given time in class to complete the project, but may also need to work on this project at home as needed. Please check student folders for more information. I will also be providing more information on the blog.


We are drafting our fictional stories and taking them through the writing process. I’m excited to see students’ final writing piece. They’ve been working hard on creating interesting plots and intriguing characters.


We will be focusing on using context clues to figure out word meaning over the course of the next few weeks.

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies, we are focusing on “Economics.” Before break, we learned about “goods and services.” We will also be talking about “supply and demand.”


After our focus on Social Studies, we will dive into states of matter.


Though we have finished our multiplication unit, we are not done with developing these skills. Students will still receive practice in class and through homework relating to all things multiplication.

In our current unit, students will be learning how to find the area and perimeter of a plane figure (two-dimensional shape). Look for a family letter to come home by Thursday going over the learning goals, vocabulary, and a practice study guide.

“Classroom Pulse Check”

I am so proud of the students in the Best Class! Before break, they earned a pizza party because they reached their classroom money tree goal!

I have seen a huge improvement in reading fluency, so keep encouraging students to read, read, read! 🙂

We are in need of paper towels and disinfectant wipes. If you are able to donate these items, we would greatly appreciate it!

Enjoy your week and please know  your kiddos care deeply cared about in the Best Class!

~Mrs. Best