2017-2018 is Well Underway!

Hello Third Grade Community!

I’m excited to begin week 4 with you! Please hit the “sign up” button so you can receive automatic email notifications each time I update the blog.

Week at a Glance for September 18th:

Literacy: Students have been learning about thinking strategies:

  • Metacognition: Thinking about your thinking. This is the ability to reflect on your thoughts and have an awareness of questions, wonderings, feelings, and also communicating thoughts with others.
  • Schema: Background knowledge. Students can comprehend stories and text deeper when they can make a connection. There are three types of connections: Text-to-self (this is when a text reminds you of something in your life!); text-to-text (A text can remind you of another text you’ve read, a song, or even a movie); and text-to-world (many times a text will remind us of our world around us).

This week, we will tackle another comprehension strategy: Inferring! 🙂

  • Inferring: Making smart guesses using evidence and our background knowledge (schema). It’s like being a detective! You must solve a problem connecting evidence and using your background knowledge.

In literacy, we are describing characters and explaining how character actions affect the sequence of events in a story.

In writing, students are learning that writing can be fun! We have had many conversations on types of writing, topics, and how to be a successful writer during our independent free writing time. Students are enjoying the freedom of choosing their own topic during writing.  Later, students will be able to choose their own writing piece to take through the whole writing process from drafting to publishing.


We are continuing to work on strategies to strengthen addition and subtraction skills through the thousands.  Please make sure your child practices XtraMath daily in order to ensure fact mastery.


  • Scientific Method
  • Plants

Social Studies

  • Map skills

Let’s have a great week and please know your child is cared about! 🙂

Mrs. Best



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