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Happy Easter and Splendid Break!

Dear Third Grade Community;

Another quarter has come and gone, and as we gear up to enjoy a wonderful Easter and spring break, I wanted to keep you informed of a very busy last quarter.

Firstly, unit tests went home today. Please go over the test with your child.

I want students to have time to relax and enjoy their time. However, it is VITAL that students continue to read every single night. It know it’s break, but testing begins right after break. So, please make sure this happens.

Also, students were asked to practice multiplication facts and fluency. If all work comes back completed, they have an opportunity to earn 3 Husky Paws.

Please help your child to be honest.  Some students are turning in logs that are filled out by parents (which students are expected to do). Your only task is to ensure they’re reading, ask questions, and sign the log. 🙂 Also, students are stating they’re reading 60 minutes in one day. Although this is possible, it’s not probable. Surprisingly, some third graders are admitting to just writing down books and admitting they’re not reading. This does nothing but stump their growth.  I would rather a child not turn in homework  than be dishonest.

I am seeing such great improvements in students who are reading on a daily basis. I am also seeing minimal progress with students who are not taking extra time to practice each night.

Thank you for your help in making sure your child is reading and completing all homework.

The following is a schedule of upcoming tests in this last quarter we’re approaching:

April 13-MAP Reading

April 14-MAP Math

April 21-AIR Reading (State Test)

April 22-AIR reading (State Test)

May 3- AIR math (State Test)

May 4-AIR math (State Test)

In the middle of May, we will also be testing for DIBELS. Please make sure your child is at school on time for these days and avoid Dr. appts. if possible.

Please be mindful of the “Third Grade Guarantee” law and that these tests will determine if your child can advance to the next grade. If students have already met the benchmark, they are expected to show tremendous growth. We do not want students to be nervous, and they shouldn’t be, as long as they are working hard in class, reading, and completing homework for extra practice.

Have a wonderful spring break! This year is flying!

Mrs. Best

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