Weekly Update

Dear Third Grade Community,

I hope everyone’s Tuesday has been a great one thus far. Just a few updates:

No library this week. Library will happen on Mondays. If we don’t have a school on a Monday, we will try and fit in a time to go, but due to tight schedules, that may not always happen. Rule of thumb: Have your child bring his/her book to school just in case we can go.

Short week, but expectations still high:

Family Times, reading log, and math homework are all still due on Friday, even with the shortened week. Students should be expected to complete homework independently. šŸ™‚

Reading Groups Assigned:

Students were assigned in reading groups: Green, Yellow, Blue. Each student should know his/her group color. Also, differentiated spelling expectations were aligned today.

Reading Skills this Week:

Summarizing a text–We use a “Fab Five” summary technique. “Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then…” This technique allows students to thoughtfully analyze text and choose what’s important.

Sequence of Events: Students will practice retelling story in the order of events using transition words: First, next, then, last, finally. Practice this with your child by having them tell sequence of events in their independent nightly reading.


We began reviewing subtracting today using the regrouping method (borrowing). Please take time to practice this skill. I did not give homework in regrouping multi-digit subtraction because we are still defining the skill in class.

I plan to give our first math test next Tuesday, September, 15th. If I feel students are not ready for the test, or if a change in schedule should cause a big interruption, I will inform you if test will be postponed.

As always, please contact me if you have questions. Please remember that your child is cared about.

~Mrs. Best


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