Getting into the Swing of Things…

Dear Third Grade Community,

Don’t be surprised if your child comes home exhausted. 🙂 We have had a very busy day. Here is how this week and the week’s to come will look like:


Family Times Packet–Due on Fridays. I went over every page with your child. I’m pacing the homework so students can transition smoothly to set them up for success. Please remind your child to use their best handwriting and to not eat or drink near their homework to avoid spills.

Reading Log: Two will be in their folder. One is for class this week (this one has the letter on back). Students practiced filling out the reading log and will bring this practice log daily (just for this week). Please make sure you read the directions, have your child explain the procedures, and put it back in folder. Next, your child will have a two-sided reading log. One side is the log, the other has 2 graphic organizers. Story Sequence is for those students who are reading a fiction book. The other side is for nonfiction. I filled out an example in class and went over procedures. YOUR CHILD ONLY NEEDS TO FILL OUT ONE GRAPHIC ORGANIZER. For example, if your child is reading Junie B. Jones or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he/she will fill out the fiction side. If your child is reading a book about sharks, then he/she will fill out the nonfiction side.

Spelling: You will find your child’s spelling homework in the Family Times. I will also give your child a “refrigerator list” tomorrow, but I wanted to sort the words first. We ran out of time today. This typically will go home on Mondays.  Their first test is Friday. The spelling pattern is VCCV (Vowel, Consonant, Consonant, Vowel). This teaches students that when two consonants are together, the first vowel makes its short sound.

Math Packet: Math packet has 3 total pages this week. All should be and can be done independently. If your child is struggling with addition, then please write me a note. The vocabulary term students were learning today is “commutative property of addition.” This property means that when the addends are flipped, it will still equal the same sum (example: 1+5=6  5 +1 = 6).

Since students are expected to read 100 minutes minimum weekly, I give reading logs out on Fridays and they will be due the following Friday. Since I handed out their first log today, that means for this week students will need to read M-Th 25 minutes nightly.

Have a wonderful night!

~Mrs. Best


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