Update for Week of September 9/17

Happy Monday to the BEST Third Grade Community,

I’m so proud of the kiddos in the Best Class. They are working very hard and you should be proud.

Personal Update: This will be my last week for awhile, as my husband and I make preparations for the baby boy that we will be adding to our family. You will be in good hands with Mrs. Knorr beginning next week. 🙂

Reading:  This week (and next week), we will be continuing practicing our reading strategy, visualizing. This strategy helps students picture what is happening in a story, which supports comprehension, as well as allows a reader to become “hooked” into a story.

Writing: Students are continuing to write freely. During writing, I read a variety of genres, to expand their writing ideas. Very soon, we will choose a writing piece and taking it through the writing process.

Math: We are working on adding and subtracting within 1,000.  Students have practiced a variety of strategies, including the traditional algorithm (regrouping by carrying/borrowing). Today and the rest of the week, we will continue practicing these skills, and learning about estimation by rounding.

Students learn to estimate the numbers they are working with, then solve to compare if their answer is reasonable. Estimation is an important skill.

Social Studies: We will continue exploring maps, including locating the 7 continents, the United States, the oceans, and determining the difference between a political and  a physical map.

SeeSaw: Please don’t forget to check out SeeSaw. This app allows you as the parents to hear videos your child makes about his/her reading, and/or pictures of their books.

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Best





Week at a Glance for September 4th

Hello Third Grade Community!

Welcome September! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely ready for fall to…”fall” upon us! 🙂

Thank you to those who placed Scholastic orders; they have been submitted and should be here within a week.

You also should have received a letter from me last week explaining that I will be out for six weeks to welcome a baby boy that Mr. Best and I are in the process of adopting. 🙂 We are very excited and the kiddos will be in great hands with Mrs. Knorr. This will take place towards the end of September.


Students have been practicing thinking strategies: inferring, using schema, and being metacognitive. This week, we will visualize what we read to help us get hooked into books and to assist in comprehending what the author wants us to know.

In writing, we will be expanding writing ideas by using brainstorming strategies. Students love their writing time because they get to choose what they want to write about. Today, we sketched and wrote about the pictures we store in our minds; precious memories we hold.


We’re chugging along with adding within 1,000. Your kiddos should be able to tell you about decomposing numbers, compatible numbers, expanded form, and the break apart strategy. There are lots of strategies when solving.

Thank you for your continued support. Please make sure to check your child’s planner every single day and the performance tracker.

I’m looking forward to a great week with the BEST kiddos!

~Mrs. Best

Week at a Glance

Hello Third Grade Community! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and are finding time to relax and rejuvenate after a busy week. 🙂

Here’s an update on what to expect this week:

Reading: Last week, we began discussing a very important term: Metacognition. This is the ability to “think about thinking.” When students are metacognitive, they are able to tell someone their thoughts. We discussed what “real reading” looked like by making a “real reading salad.” Students noticed that there was more “lettuce” (thoughts) than “tomatoes” (text) in our salad. Ask your kiddo about our real reading salad.

This week, we will continue discussing metacognition. We will also learn about “schema” and “inferring.”

Schema: Using our background knowledge to connect to text

Inferring: Making smart guesses about characters, setting, plot, and theme; things that authors don’t tell us.

Writing: Expanding our writing ideas

Math: We’re going to do a quick yet targeted approach to telling time. I’ve noticed most kiddos are still struggling with telling time, so this will be a review. Also, please look for the Unit 1 family newsletter I will be sending home, along with a study guide students can practice with throughout the unit.

Homework: Students will receive their first packet of math homework tomorrow, which will be due on Thursday.


We will be taking our first MAP reading test on Tuesday, so please make sure students are here. This information will help me navigate instruction.

Scholastic orders! 🙂  On Friday, Scholastic magazines went home. There are really great deals! Students must be reading, so why not take advantage of some great deals on some great books? 🙂  Simply fill out the order form on the back or follow the directions on the back of the magazine to place an online order. Students wrote down our classroom code in case online ordering is your choice.

I’m looking forward to a great week!

Mrs. Best


And We’re Off!

Dear Third Grade Community,

Days 1 and 2 are now in the history books! I couldn’t be more proud of your kiddo! I can see why I have the BEST class;)

Students have been learning classroom routines and expectations. Today, we continued practicing our routines and meeting expectations. Students are modeling respect to, not only me, but their peers; You should be proud.

Today, we enriched our learning by discussing what real readers do and how real readers read. Did you know that there are three ways to read?? Ask your third grader the three ways they can read! 🙂

We also talked about “I-PICK” books. I-PICK stands for:

I-I choose the books I want to read

P-Purpose. I understand the reason to read a certain book (i.e, to be entertained, to learn, to practice a skill, etc.)

I-Interest. The book interests me! 🙂

C-Comprehend. I can understand what I am reading

K-Know the words: I don’t miss too many words

If students are able to do all of these things, then the book is a match! Please use this strategy when visiting the library or purchasing a fun book for your kiddo.

We set up our writing and math notebooks as well today.

It’s been a super busy week, but a great one! I’m looking forward to getting to know your student and family better. Please continue sending in any important papers. Enjoy some family time tonight and please know that your child is cared about. ❤

~Mrs. Best

Tell Me it Isn’t So…

11 more days?? Wow, this year has flown.  I’m really going to miss your kiddos! I am super proud of all of their hard work and growth they’ve made this year. I am thankful for each one of them that play a part in our classroom community. Thank you, parents, for all of your support.


We’re not done! There’s still a lot of learning happening in the Best Class! 🙂

We’re finishing up our Science research and presentations. Students have been excited about the diorama project they’re creating at home with you. Dioramas are due Friday. 🙂

This Friday, I am giving students their last multiplication fluency assessment. At this point, your child should know facts 0-10 fluently and working towards mastery of 11-12s.

Fraction assessments went home yesterday, along with other graded work. Please make sure you check your child’s folder nightly and clear out any papers that need to stay home.

Please know that though we’re in the last days of this school year, we are working hard and still enjoying our learning time.

Have a great night!

Mrs. Best

A Long Awaited Post

Where has third quarter gone? My apologies for the severely delayed update, so here we go!

First, I want to add that our field trip was a huge success! We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day. Thankful for the fun, laughs, and great entertainment provided by the talented actors from the cast of the Cincinnati Children’s Theatre in, “Mary Poppins.”  (Pictures to be posted!)


I cannot stress enough how important it is for your child to be at school every single day, especially in the weeks to prep for testing. I am still teaching, and so even missing a day can put a student behind in new learning. During testing, please make sure your child is getting plenty of rest the night before, eats a good breakfast, and arrives at school on time.

Wednesday, April 18th–Writing Assessment


Tuesday, April 24–Literacy in the morning

Wednesday, April 25th–Literacy in the morning


Tuesday May 1– Math in the morning

Wednesday May 2–Math in the morning


Third Grade Guarantee:

You will receive notice by the end of the school year if your child will need to attend our summer reading program (in June) if he/she doesn’t meet the qualifying score.  By now, I have spoken with parents with students who did not meet the benchmark when our first round of scores were received over the winter.



We are still learning all things fractions. So, your child has received fraction homework this week. All assignments are skills that your child should be able to do independently. If you see your child struggling, please jot a note or email me because all homework is review.

In addition to fractions, we are also diving into measurement and data which includes:

  • Telling time to the nearest minute
  • elapsed time
  • Linear measurement to the nearest 1/4 inch
  • measuring volume, area, perimeter
  • Adding/subtracting with money

This week, we are focusing on telling time to the nearest minute and elapsed time. There are a handful of students who are still struggling with telling time to the nearest minute. At this point in the year, your child should be able to tell time on an analog clock. Please practice this life skill at home. If you don’t have an analog clock, I encourage you to get a hold of one so your child can reference telling time on a daily basis. In my classroom, students have been using an analog clock all year.

FACT PRACTICE–I still have many students struggling with multiplication and division facts. Please continue to practice these facts daily at home. 5 minutes a day makes all the difference.


We’re still reading a plethora of text and practicing our thinking skills. We have been discussing text structures (the way an author structures his/her writing). The five structures we’ve been discussing are:

  1. Compare/Contrast
  2. Description
  3. Sequence
  4. Problem and Solution
  5. Cause and Effect

I am super proud that most students are able to read a nonfiction text and determine the structure the author used to give us information.  We also have been practicing determining the main idea of a text and supporting it with details. This is a challenging skill, so we will continue to perfect it! 🙂

Have a wonderful night! Don’t forget to check out the tab for extra math practice! Any extra work turned in gets a husky paw!

~Mrs. Best

AIR Results to Go Home

Third Grade Community;

Today (Friday) in your child’s folder, you will find the results of the AIR test we took in October, along with a letter explaining the results. PLEASE read the letter carefully.  A few things I want to explain:

  • A score of 700 is considered proficient (passing score–Think of it as receiving a “C” average. Though this may not be the best example because a 700 doesn’t mean a “C”, it may give you a frame of reference. )
  • The Third Grade Guarantee Law (TGG) states that students must receive AT LEAST a score of 672.
  • A child who receives a score less than 672 has not met the Third Grade Guarantee yet.

Please understand that students took this in the early fall and will take it again in the early spring (April). A lot of learning takes place during that time, so please don’t stress. I will be contacting certain families (sooner than later) to set up a conference time to go over scores that either did not receive a proficient score and/or did not meet the TGG score.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any concerns/questions you may have. I am confident that we will see lots of growth in the spring! Students are working hard!

How Can We Support Our Child?

I cannot stress enough the importance of reading every single night. Most kiddos are turning in a reading log every week. I have noticed a few students who seem to be reading the same pictures books over and over, or saying it took them a week to read a simple book.  Those students who truly read on a regular basis will show growth.  Students have access to library books at school and in my classroom. I also encourage families to visit their local library.

Next week, we should be back to normal with schedules, including  spelling! 🙂


Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Best